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best real estate deals

Every deal is choosen according to a reliable

investment strategy and a rigorous selection process

Deal selection process

Less than 5% of the deals we examine pass our

selection process

Asset Valuation

Asset ValuationAsset Valuation

2 weeks

Our senior valuation team examines all aspects of each real estate proposal:

  • Sponsor solidity and reputation
  • Soundness of project
  • Financial structure

Legal Contract Review

Legal Contract ReviewLegal Contract Review

10 days

We work with leading advisory firms to perform extensive due diligence from a real estate, legal and financial standpoint - and obtain an independent valuation.

BoD Approval

BoD ApprovalBoD Approval

1 week

Deals which have passed due diligence are then assessed by our Investment Committee, which includes external industry experts, as well as our Board of Directors.



4 weeks

Only those deals which have successfully passed all steps of the selection process are admitted to our marketplace and presented to investors. Typically, this is less than 5% of received proposals

Geographic focus

We focus on stable economic areas in Europe, such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Northern Italy

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the prime locations for business in Europe - thanks to its central location and stable economic and political framework.

Furthermore, its accessible nature and diverse culture make it rank among the countries with highest quality of life.

What's more, the market has shown a strong resilience during the Covid-19 crisis: prices of owner-occupied homes continued to rise due to an excess demand for privately owned apartments and low mortgage interest rates.

The Swiss market is considered one of the most attractive by professional real estate investors.

Target assets and properties

New constructions, refurbishment or rental

generating properties


Core deals are the least risky assets in prime locations with solid tenants and long-term rental contracts.

The buildings are in good technical state and do not require substantial investments, apart from regular maintenance.

Such properties generate predictable and stable cash flows with lower returns on investment compared to riskier investments.

Core Plus

Core Plus deals are low to moderately risky assets which usually have good occupancy of tenants, but unlike ‘Core assets’ they require an investment to increase the rental income generated by the property.

Given the need for minor restructuring, the cash flows might be less predictable or regular.

Value Add

Value-Add deals are the moderately to highly risky assets, which require a major investment but present an opportunity for a major gain at sale or relet.

Extensive refurbishments are often required in the whole building – during which the property does not generate any cash flows.

As a result, investors usually receive high returns which correspond to the risk profile of the project, but only at the end of the investment period.


Opportunistic deals are the riskiest asset class in which there is the highest potential for gains.

These can be greenfield developments, demolitions and ground-up developments or complete refurbishments.

During the development works the project does not generate any cash flows and, as a result, investors receive the gains only once the project is completed.


Asset types

Selected deals in any area

from residential to commercial



  • Developments (green / brownfield)
  • Multifamily properties
  • PRS properties.


  • Development (Built to Rent)
  • Owner / Non Owner Occupied
  • Single / Multi tenants


  • Distribution Hubs
  • Warehouses
  • Light Industrials


  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Business Apatments
  • Student Housing

Access medium-large deals

with suitable duration

In our marketplace we choose medium to large opportunities

that are otherwise impossible to access for individual investors












Selected case studies

Our marketplace covers deals from Development to Core

Core investment near Zurich


Zurich, CH

Secured mezzanine loan position into a Medical center, near Zurich, fully let providing stable cash yield.


Mezzanine loan


2° lien mortgage note

Interest per year


Loan To Value


Development in Lugano


Lugano, CH

Preferred equity position in a development project in Lugano center.


Preferred equity


Liquidation preference

Expected IRR


Loan To Value


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We seek to maximise

investor protection

We seek to maximise

investor protection

Secured loan

A debt based financing solution

Periodic interest payments

Fixed maturity terms

Real asset guarantees (where applicable)

Preferred equity

A share based financing solution

Profit sharing

Liquidation preference on capital invested

Liquidation preference on minimum return

(where applicable)

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